Successful Leaders Make Their Own LUCK!

Luck happens when opportunity and planning intersect. This means you can actually create your own luck by creating more opportunities. One of the best ways to create more opportunities is to look for those lucky charms – those quality people, those top performers, with new ideas and a passion to try new ventures. Read more from Ray Attiyah’s guest post on the 2013 International Leadership Blogathon

A new way of thinking about "thinking outside the box"

By Joe Fleenor
We’ve all said it and we’ve all been told it: “Think outside the box.”
Until here recently, the phrase “think outside the box” meant nothing to me more than your typical cliché – something that was once regarded as striking, but has since lost its force through overuse.
That was until I met Ray Attiyah.... Read More

The Fearless Front Line Press Kit

Do you feel your time is consumed by urgent but unimportant tasks? The frontline activities of a business are so unpredictable, unreliable and complicated, and the systems surrounding them are so often superfluous, that leaders can’t seem to pull themselves away. Intended to keep a business running smoothly, the unnecessarily complex systems derail leaders on a daily basis. So, if the leaders of an organization are spending most of their time on the day-to-day aspects of the business, who is creating the innovative and inspiring visions and strategies that are critical to an organization’s growth? ... Read More

Ray on BusinessWise Radio Show

If you missed Ray's interview on BusinessWise WNKU radio on February 25-26, 2013, then Listen to the broadcast for more about his proven Run Improve Grow™ approach to business leadership, management, improvement and growth and the release of his new book The Fearless Front Line (beginning at 24:03 and ending at 31:35) Listen Now

Books look at strategy, improvement pyramid

By Jim Pawlak on Hartford Business
When management spends too much time on day-to-day operations, it's not doing its job. It's over-managing and under-leading. Attiyah's Run-Improve-Grow pyramid model puts the emphasis on ensuring the frontline actually runs the organization... Read More

When starting a business, follow the 3 Ps

An article by Ray Attiyah
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The Fearless Front Line featured on Brian Thomas Morning Show, 55KRC

Host Brian Thomas interviews Ray during Author Friday program on 55KRC. During the interview Ray shares the principals of the Fearless Front Line and the Run Improve Grow model. Brian Thomas 55KRC

Liberate Your Organizations Leaders to Spur Innovation

Expert Access Radio - Jay McKeever
All organizations want to be innovative and successful, but are those within your leadership holding your business back?  Are they focusing on the wrong things?  Ray Attiyah, author of  The Fearless Front Line: The Key to Liberating Leaders to Improve and Grow Their Business, joined us to share how to liberate your organizations leaders to improve and grow business, and how to set a bold strategy using the Run-Improve-Grow model can provide continuous improvement and innovation.

Soundview Executive Book Summaries has chosen "The Fearless Front Line" by Ray Attiyah as one of the 30 best business books of 2013

The Fearless Front Line: The Key to Liberating Leaders to Improve and Grow Their Businesshas been chosen as one of the best business books of the year by Soundview Executive Book Summaries. The company, which publishes book reviews to a subscriber list of over 100,000, selects only 30 business books from about 1,500 its editors receive each year.

Each month the Soundview Editorial Sounding Board applies rigorous selection criteria to new books being considered for summarization. Selected books must provide a business solution, broaden readers’ business knowledge and/or sharpen their leadership or management skills. 

The Fearless Front Line is a call to action for leaders to set a standard of fearlessness where their front line workers take pride in and take ownership of their critical roles. This, in turn, frees leaders to focus on the big-picture, bold strategies that can improve and grow the business.

We are honored to receive this award and thank the team at Definity Partners, their clients for their contributions to the book, and the supporters of The Fearless Front Line for making this a Top 30 Business Book of 2013!

Soundview Executive Book Summaries

14 Best Small-Business Books Of 2013

American Express Open Forum - Matthew May

Every year, dozens, if not hundreds, of books on business or related to business are published. Some go on to become bestsellers while others languish on booksellers' shelves. As you're shopping for the business reader on your list, how do you wade through the glut of books to find the gems in the mix?

This year on OPEN Forum, we've reviewed or featured a number of books and authors. Here in no particular order are the books that belong on any small-business owner's shelf.

Manufacturing Revival Radio

Manufacturing Revival Radio interview on the The Fearless Front Line and their role in supporting American Manufacturing.
Manufacturing Revival Radio interviews - Self-made, innovative, creative, courageous, industry leaders… today’s manufacturing executives and entrepreneurs blazing a new path in the American and global economy…