"Ray Attiyah has delivered his ‘Run. Improve. Grow.’ presentation to two of our associations this year and has received glowing reviews from our members.  As an event professional, it is always nice knowing that you've got a ‘sure-fire, home-run’ session on your agenda where the only negative comment you hear is that they wished Ray had more time to go longer.  At times I feel bad for Ray because he never can seem to leave our conferences after his presentations because our members trap him in the hallway asking questions and inviting him to their respective firms so that their whole staff gets the opportunity to hear the ‘Run. Improve. Grow.’ strategy.  We manage seven associations and I wouldn't be surprised if we have Ray back to speak to all seven."
Joe Fleenor
Conference Director of The Rainmaker Alliances

"Ray gave his first official Vistage presentation to one of Key Executive groups and did a great job. They particularly like his world class suggestion for Executive's allocation of time, reminding them they need to focus on the Grow, not the Run."
Cheryl McMillan
CEO and Executive Coach to CEO’s and business owners who want to make better decisions, and achieve better results

"Ray Attiyah has been a valuable partner to the APICS organization for many years. He has made time in his busy schedule to give presentations at our chapter PDM meetings at least once a year for the past several years, of which we are very grateful of. He is well known and respected throughout the industry and the large turnout for his presentations, whether it is APICS or any other organization, is evidence of that respect.
Ray’s enthusiasm for the success of others sets him apart from the rest because he truly believes to be successful, you must make others successful. He is dedicated to his work, his community and especially his family which makes him a valuable asset to any organization."
Sandy Cammack
Executive V.P. & V.P. Programs
APICS, Cincinnati