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In companies where complicated systems reign, nearly everyone has a hand in the daily details of producing the product or delivering the services. Managers and frontline employees (and top executives and sometimes even the CEO) are tangled up in running the day-to-day aspects of the business. The frontline activities are so unpredictable, unreliable, and complicated, and the systems surrounding them are so often superfluous, that managers can’t seem to pull themselves away. They’re stuck in the front line.

To shine like a beacon of excellence and growth in a crowded market, an organization must liberate its leaders, and that requires a front line that can operate reliably, excellently, and independently day in and day out every day of every week of every year.

The Fearless Front Line explains what organizations need to do to to develop a solid front line that is fearless and feels powerful, not powerless. By freeing their people from senseless initiatives, ridiculous mandates, and unnecessary meetings and e-mails, leaders free themselves to pursue activities that propel growth and innovation.

The three parts of The Fearless Front Line are built around the author’s Run-Improve-Grow system, which gives leaders the techniques they need to trust, encourage, and make the front line accountable to itself and to drive bold growth and innovation throughout the organization.

Part 1 of The Fearless Front Line focuses on the Run, those daily activities that are the lifeblood of the business. It describes the Run-Improve-Grow system and shows how to use its principles to build a solid—and simplified—foundation that focuses on excellence and empowers the front line to take true ownership of essential day-to-day operations.

Part 2, Improve, explains how to capitalize on the momentum created by the fearless front line and liberate the organization’s managers. Management systems, leadership styles, and the entire mind-set of the organization are all transformed in the Improve. With a fearless front line, simplified management system, and new organizational attitude, an organization is ready to launch boldly into the Grow.

Part 3, Grow, outlines what the organization needs to do to make (then keep) bold promises, place (then win) bold bets, and scout (then hire) bold people. Part 3 also covers how senior managers can use their new-found free time and energy to pursue strategic innovations and new opportunities that will propel the company to greater relevancy, ever-higher levels of excellence, and profitable growth.

The three parts of The Fearless Front Line introduce a perpetual model that stimulates a culture of consistent relevancy, new growth, and constant innovation. Run-Improve-Grow has near-universal applicability. It’s not geared for a particular type of organization in a particular set of circumstances. The principles work for any organization—no matter how unique the situation or how specialized and different the industry.

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing environment, you need reliable, dependable backup for people making bolder and bolder moves. You need people throughout the organization who are fearless. And it all starts with The Fearless Front Line.